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Belarusian Cosmonaut candidates arrived at the Star City training center.

Marina Vasilevskaya(R) and Anastasia Lenkova(L)

On July 23, Belarusian astronaut/cosmonaut candidates have arrived at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Star City, Moscow Region), which is part of the Roscosmos State Corporation, for preparation for the planned space flight to the International Space Station (ISS), according to confirmation Belarusian reports.

The main participant of the space flight, Marina Vasilevskaya, and the backup crew member Anastasia Lenkova were selected from six Belarusian candidates who underwent medical examinations at the Cosmonaut Training Center in December of last year. Tomorrow, the Belarusian candidates will be presented to the management and staff of the center and will begin preparations for the space flight as part of the main and backup crews of the 71st expedition to the ISS.

Marina Vasilevskaya is included in the main crew of the expedition along with Russian cosmonaut and Belarusian native Oleg Novitsky (commander) and NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson. Anastasia Lenkova is part of the backup crew together with Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner (commander) and NASA astronaut Donald Pettit.

In the photos from various sources: the main &backup crew of "Soyuz MS-25".

The training will take about eight months and will include studying the systems of the manned spacecraft "Soyuz MS" and the Russian segment of the ISS, crew training for various situations, including actions during emergency landings of the descent module in various climatic and geographical zones, and other training in accordance with the spaceflight preparation program.

It is expected that the Belarusian cosmonaut will spend 12 days on board the ISS planned for 2024 on Soyuz MS-25 mission, during which time they will carry out a scientific program of space flight developed by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Roscosmos, with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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