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"NS-21"Blue Origin completes 2nd space tourism flight in 2022

Six tourists, including a British pilot, a Brazilian, and a Mexican, made a 100 km jump into space

June 04, 2022 Blue Origin performed today another flight of its New Shepard system, the NS-21 mission, with six passengers for a 107 km altitude jump in a suborbital trajectory. The NS-04 flight 7 rocket and the RSS First Step crew capsule took off at 09:25:02 EDT (13:25:02 UTC) time from Launch Site One in Texas, USA, and the flight lasted 10 minutes and 06 seconds, between takeoff and parachute landing of the passenger capsule. The spacecraft reached 107,040.57 meters of apogee, at a Velocity of 3,604 km/h

Passengers Portrait: The NS-21 mission crew included NS-19 investor and passenger Evan Dick; electrical engineer and former NASA test chief Katya Echazarreta; Action Aviation President Hamish Harding; the Brazilian production engineer Victor Correa Hespanha; Dream Variation Ventures manager Jason Robinson; and Insight Equity co-founder Victor Vescovo. (Picture Credit: Blue Origin)

The company did not disclose how much passengers paid. Historically, since the first tourist flights opened by Russia in 2001, it is mainly the very wealthy who can directly participate in these spaceflight opportunities, although this particular crew includes a person from the non-profit Space For Humanity-sponsored citizen astronaut program. , which takes individuals to the space for free, following an application process. This mission will be the fifth manned flight of the New Shepard program and the 21st in its history.