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China launches another imaging satellite

Beijing-3B “Nanjing-1” has high-resolution capability

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, China launched a Long March-2D rocket placing the Beijing-3B (Beijing 3-B, or 南宁一号, "Nanning-1" ) satellite into an initial orbit of 596 degrees. 615 km, inclined at 97.94°. The rocket took off at 11:01 am Beijing time, 03:01 am GMT, from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province. The satellite will primarily be used for remote sensing services in land resource management, agricultural resource survey, environmental monitoring and urban applications.

Beijing-3 satellite

Beijing-3 is considered one of the highest performing imaging observation satellites, being able to take pictures with a high-quality resolution of 50 cm, which means that each pixel on the screen is equivalent to 50 cm on the ground, considered advanced by international standards. . Its performance tests also showed that the satellite was able to take images while its chassis was rotating at 10 degrees per second. Compared to competitor WorldView-4, the most advanced observation satellite in the US today, Beijing-3 has a response time that is two to three times faster. With the support of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee and the Guangxi Municipal Government, and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, Subsidiary “Century Space Nanning” built a remote sensing ground station in southwest Nanning,

mission patch

After Beijing-3B is put into use, it will work together with other Beijing series satellites to further improve high-quality spatiotemporal information service capabilities such as data acquisition, intelligent observation and general information. Their data will help to “build a 3D map of China and the development of the digital economy, promoting the application of remote sensing satellites and the development of the digital economy in relevant regions."

This was the 33rd orbital launch of China in 2022 and the 434th flight mission in the Long March rocket series, the launch center said.


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