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China's CASIC launched Tianxing-1

KZ-1A rocket took off from Jiuquan carrying Chinese scientific satellite

Kuaizhou (KZ-1A) launched from Jiuquan SLC

At 02:08 UTC / 10:08 a.m on June 22, 2022 Beijing time, China successfully launched the Tianxing-1 Space Environment Experiment Satellite (天行一号) using a Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket (possibly number Y17) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The “Tianxing-1” satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. The satellite is mainly used to carry out experiments such as space environment detection. This was the 15th launch of a Kuaizhou-1A-type rocket, according to a statement issued by the launch center in Gansu province.

Kuai Zhou (KZ, or “Fast Vessel”) is a solid-fuelled, small-load orbital launch vehicle family developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). The basic variant Kuai Zhou launcher made two successful flights in 2013—14. CASIC is planning to introduce three Kuai Zhou designs for the commercial satellite launch market, including the 1.4 m-diameter KZ-1A, the 2.2 m-diameter KZ-11, and the 3 m-diameter KZ-21.

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