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China's Long March 3B launched TianLian 2C satellite

TianLian 2C is a second generation Relay satellite

At 16:30 UTC on July 12, 2022, Beijing time, China used the Long March 3B carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to launch the Tianlian 2C satellite, it successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success.

The satellite is China's second-generation geosynchronous orbit data relay satellite. It is mainly used to provide data relay and measurement and control services for spacecraft and other manned spacecraft, medium and low orbit resource satellites, and to provide measurement and control support for spacecraft launch.

This mission is the 426th flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles and 23rd launch mission of 2022 from China.

The Long March 3B/E, also known as 3B/G2, is an enhanced variant of the Long March 3B, featuring an enlarged first stage and boosters, increasing its GTO payload capacity to 5,500 kg (12,100 lb). Its maiden flight took place on 13 May 2007, when it successfully launched Nigeria's NigComSat-1, the first African geosynchronous communications satellite. In 2013, it successfully launched China's first lunar lander Chang'e 3 and lunar rover Yutu.

Since 2015, the Long March 3B and 3C can optionally accommodate a YZ-1 upper stage, which has been used to carry dual launches or BeiDou navigation satellites into medium Earth orbit (MEO)

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