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China's "Shenzhou 15" crew performed their second spacewalk

9th Spacewalk outpost Tiangong Space Station

The extravehicular activity did not have its duration or the announced depressurization and repressurization times. From the image, it can be seen that the astronauts used the tight chamber of the WenTian module, instead of the hatch of the multiple docking compartment of the TianHe core module.

Two Chinese astronauts inhabiting the TianGong space station (Chinese Space Station CSS) carried out an extravehicular activity ('EVA' or 'VKD') of which the Chinese government has been reticent to give details. Taikonauts on the Shenzhou 15 (SZ-15) spacecraft on March 2, 2023, made their second spacewalk aboard China's Tiangong station, said the China Manned Space Program Office (CMSA).