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FAA delays SpaceX Final PEA verdict to June 13.

The FAA now plans to release the Final Environmental Assessment on June 13, 2022 to account for ongoing interagency consultations.

Photo of SpaceX starship and Booster prototypes at the SpaceX South Texas launch site in Brownsville, pictured by Carlos Nunez for Space Intelligence

May 31, 2022 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Tuesday again delayed completing a final environmental assessment of the proposed SpaceX Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket program in Boca Chica, Texas until June 13 in their latest statement.

In late April, the FAA extended the target date to May 31 for a decision, saying it was "working toward issuing the final Programmatic Environmental Assessment" after several delays. The agency said in April that SpaceX had made multiple changes to its application that required additional FAA analysis.

SpaceX CEO said in February he was "highly confident" his new SpaceX Starship, designed for voyages to the moon and Mars, would reach Earth orbit for the first time this year. Even in a "worst-case" scenario, in which a full environmental impact statement was required or legal wrangling over the issue threatened to drag on - Elon Musk

In the Meantime, Starship S24 was transported to SpaceX’s Starbase, Texas orbital launch site (OLS) on May 26th after about two and a half months of assembly, marking the first time SpaceX transported a new Starship prototype to a test stand since August 2021.

Elon Musk stated they planned to fly Starship’s first orbital test flight in July 2021. SpaceX has since been waiting on the FAA to finish its review of the environmental impacts Starship would have surrounding Starbase, since the FAA published the Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment for the SpaceX Starship/Super Heavy Launch Vehicle Program at the SpaceX Boca Chica Launch Site in Cameron County, Texas (Draft PEA) on September 17, 2021, for public review and comment.

The FAA also released 17,000 comments Tuesday that show concerns raised about the project's impact on migratory birds, endangered species, and a nearby wildlife refuge

NASA provides special expertise with respect to potential environmental impacts from space launches and the operation of a launch site.

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