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ISRO's LVM3 successfully launched the final batch of OneWeb Gen-1 satellites.

OneWeb’s successful 18th launch brings the constellation to 618 satellites in orbit.

LVM3 M3 liftoff from SDSC

Chennai, March 26, 2023: Today at 03:30.20 UTC (0900 Local time) The Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO)'s LVM3 launch vehicle, in its sixth consecutive successful flight placed 36 satellites belonging to M/s. Network Access Associates "OneWeb Group Company" into their intended 450 km circular orbit with an inclination of 87.4 degrees. With this, NSIL has successfully executed its contract launch 72 satellites of OneWeb to Low Earth Orbit.

The vehicle took off with a total payload of 5,805 kg from the second launch pad at SDSC-SHAR, Sriharikota. It gained the predetermined altitude in about nine minutes of flight, achieved satellite injection conditions in T+18 minute, and began injecting the satellites in T+20 minute. The C25 stage performed a sophisticated maneuver to repeatedly orient itself in orthogonal directions and inject satellites into precise orbits with defined time gaps to avoid collision of the satellites and were dispensed in nine phases over a period of 1 hour and 14 minutes, with signal acquisition on all 36 satellites confirmed.

This is OneWeb’s 18th launch, its third this year, bringing the total of OneWeb’s constellation to 618 satellites. The OneWeb constellation design calls for 588 satellites for global coverage and additional satellites are planned for resiliency and redundancy. Thanks to today’s successful launch the constellation is in place to soon deliver global services. By the year-end, OneWeb will be ready to roll out global coverage, enhancing its existing connectivity solutions that are already live in regions north of 50-degrees latitude as it brings new areas online by partnering with leading providers.

Shri. Somanath S, Secretary, Department of Space and Chairman, ISRO, commented: “This launch is very important milestone for ISRO as we demonstrated the successful launch of second consecutive commercial payload of OneWeb. This valued customer trusted our capability and we have proved it in a very short span of time. This launch has created a new record in the Indian space history. With this launch of LVM3, through the New Space India Ltd, ISRO is confident of handling many more such launches on demand for both LEO and GEO mission in the future. I wish OneWeb a great success in globalizing the completed constellation. We delighted to mention that this mission had the upgraded

S200 motors with enhanced margins suitable for the upcoming HLV / Gaganyaan mission a