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ISRO to launch India's newest SSLV Launch Vehicle

SSLV-D1 manifests EOS-02 and "AzaadiSAT" 8 kg CubeSat built by 750 girl students from Government Schools in India.

SSLV-D1/EOS-02 Summary (S.I & HDE)

Chennai, August 05, 2022 The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to launch its New Launch Vehicle "SSLV" is scheduled to launch from the First Launch Pad at SHAR, Shri Harikota at 09:18 IST (03:48 UTC) on August 07, 2022.

SSLV-D1 is a mission to launch EOS-02 (Earth Observation Satellite-02) and a ride-share satellite AzaadiSAT, into 356 km Low Earth Orbit.

SSLV-D1 Poised at FLP, SHAR (ISRO)

The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) is the new launch vehicle of ISRO capable of launching Mini, Micro or Nanosatellites (10 to 500 kg mass) to 500 km orbit. SSLV is a three-stage vehicle with all solid propulsion stages. The satellite insertion into the intended orbit is achieved through a liquid propulsion-based Velocity Trimming Module (VTM).

Payloads on SSLV-D1 Mission



EOS-02 is an experimental optical remote sensing satellite with a high spatial resolution. The objective of EOS-02 is to realise and fly an experimental imaging satellite with a short turn-around time and to demonstrate launch-on-demand capability. EOS-02 belongs to microsatellite series of spacecrafts. The bus configuration is derived from IMS-1 (Indian Mini Satellite-1) bus.