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Long March 7A launched ZhongXing-1E satellite

This is the fourth launch mission of the Chang Zheng 7A rocket

At 13:18 UTC (21:18 Beijing) on September 13, 2022, China successfully launched the "Zhongxing 1E" satellite using a modified Long March 7 (7A) Y5 rocket at the Wenchang Space Launch Site. The satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. The satellite is mainly used to provide users with high-quality voice, data, radio, and television transmission services.

The Long March 7A launch vehicle is a three-stage liquid-bound new generation medium-sized high-orbiting launch vehicle developed by the First Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. This mission rocket adopts 4.2 meters diameter fairing, with a total length of 60.1 meters, a Liftoff mass of about 570 tons, and a takeoff thrust of 727 tons.

Compared with the usual way of separating the booster first and then the core stage, it reduces one separation link and makes the rocket bundle linkage structure more simplified. At the same time, this separation method also reduces the number of wreckage landing points, which is more conducive to controlling the rocket wreckage landing area and enhancing the safety of the flight area. At present, the Chang Zheng 7A rocket has achieved three consecutive successful launches, laying a good foundation for frequent launch missions.

This launch vehicle has undergone a number of optimization improvements, and the launch technical process has been reduced from 32 days to 26 days by optimizing the process sequence, working in parallel, and combining tests, while ensuring test coverage. According to the overall development trend of high-orbiting satellites and the urgent demand for large-size antennas for high-orbiting satellites, a new configuration of the 5.2-meter-diameter fairing will be developed for the Long March 7A rocket in the future to further improve the mission adaptability of the rocket.

Photos provided by Jiang Wenbo Xiao Guojun Text/Deng Yunan Wang Bing Editor/Liu Huaiyu Gao Yiming Proofreading / Zhao Cong Producer/Huang Xi

This launch was the 437th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles, and the 37th orbital launch of 2022 from the People's Republic of China.

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