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NASA and SpaceX launching the 4th long term operational crew - Crew4 mission to the ISS

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

SpaceX's 5th Spacecraft; Dragon 'Freedom' will make its first flight, scheduled for 3:52 a.m. EDT (0752 UTC).

Crew-4 astronauts Jessica Watkins, Bob Hines, Kjell Lindgren and Samantha Cristoforetti on boarding Crew Dragon "Freedom." (Image credit: SpaceX)

NASA and SpaceX plan for the launch of the Crew-4 aka USCV- 4 for the International Space Station's Expedition-67 mission. The Falcon 9 FT BL5 rocket booster serial number B1067.4 is due to lift off from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The teams have decided to delay a potential launch opportunity on April 26 until later this week, when the space station's relative position to KSC and orbital mechanics are more favorable. Crew-4, using the Crew Dragon C212 "Freedom" spacecraft, has another launch opportunity available Thursday, April 28, as the weather remains a critical concern on the week's schedule.

Crew-4 Infographic, by S.I and HDE

The Freedom spacecraft is due to dock in the PMA-3 / IDA-3 compartment of the American segment; Harmony Module of the International Space Station on April 28 at 01:30:00 UTC; then the C210 “Endurance” spacecraft, with the Crew-3 mission, expected to undock no earlier than April 30 at 22:00:00 UTC. Crew-4 will carry NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren, mission commander, Robert Hines, pilot, and Jessica Watkins, mission specialist; and European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy, who will serve as a mission specialist. After Crew-4 docks, the Crew-3 mission is expected to complete a nearly five-day transition with Crew-4 before undocking from the space station and returning to Earth. The mission of Crew-4's four crew will last about six months.