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Rocket Lab's 25th mission launches two Earth Observation satellites

The Dedicated Mission named "Without Mission A Beat" successfully launched two Black sky satellites.

Today, April 2, 2022, at 12:41 UTC [08:41 EDT] Rocket Lab (Nasdaq: RKLB) launched the “Without Mission A Beat” mission from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 Pad A at Mahia Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand. The launch was a dedicated mission for BlackSky Inc (NYSE: BKSY)through global launch services provider Spaceflight Inc.

The Electron Rocket carried a pair of BlackSky rapid-revisit, high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites to Low Earth orbit, which expanded BlackSky’s constellation to 14 satellites. Rocket Lab has delivered the majority of BlackSky’s constellation to orbit on Electron missions since 2019.

Without Mission a Beat info by SI and HDE

“Without Mission A Beat” was Rocket Lab’s 25th Electron launch, brought the total number of satellites launched by the company to 112

The Electron's first stage will not be recovered for today's mission, as the company says that in the future missions, the boosters return with assisted-parachute descent and captured by Mid-Air recovery system.

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