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Russia VKS launches Kosmos 2554

Kosmos 2554 is a 'Lotos S-1' satellite; part of electronic eavesdropping system

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, at 11:20:18.321 UTC (07:20 EDT), from platform No.3 at Site 43 from Plesetsk, Arkhangelsk region, the combat crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces successfully launched the Soyuz-2.1b mid-class rocket with a spacecraft of interest to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the department announced. The satellite noted to be a Lotos S-1 (14F145 “Lotos-S1” No. 806), and has been assigned the serial number “Kosmos-2554”. The satellite entered an orbit of 900 km, inclined at 67.1º.

The Launch went as normal, at the estimated time, the satellite device was launched into orbit and accepted for control of ground facilities of the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces. And the stable telemetry connection has been established and maintained with it, its on-board systems are functioning normally.

The Lotos S-1 is a spacecraft equipped with electronic listening systems that is part of a military program 'Liana', intended to provide strategic data for the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

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